Term Paper

The students will be asked to work in groups to complete a paper survey on current codesign issues like Partitioning, Power Aware Design, Co-synthesis and Co-simulation. However, if students have any innovative topics related to Codesign, they are welcome to discuss with the instructor. The goal here is to exploit the student’s prowess in his field of expertise as applicable to Hardware Software Codesign.


Term Paper Format

  • Abstract – Less than 250 words
  • Motivation – 1 Page
  • Paper Reviews – 6-8 Pages
  • Term Paper Objective (Proposed Method, Solutions etc Bulleted) – 1 Page
  • Description of Work – 6-8 Pages
  • Activity Plan and Timeline – 1 Page
  • Impact of your work – Less than 1 page

References – 25 – 50 Papers (Should Provide all Classical Papers in the area)