Here are the list of potential projects during Spring 2017. A list of initial related reading materials are given for each project. You will explore further literatures to get deeper understanding on  the topic and build your proposal.

  1. Internet of Things for Telemedicine: Use of embedded systems and peripherals (camera, health care wearables, displays) to build a system for remote interactions between doctors and patients (TeleMed).  [Related Readings:( i). Smartphone and Wearable Sensors (ii). A Real-Time Health Monitoring System for Remote Cardiac Patients Using Smartphone and Wearable Sensors (iii). An Internet-Based Interactive Embedded Data-Acquisition System for Real-Time Applications, (iv). The Research of Telemedicine System Based on Embedded Computer]
  2. Computer vision for cloud-based horticulture catalog (eLeaf): Identify plants on fly with your phone camera. Use of machine learning tools such as TensorFlow/Caffe for training targeted objects to identify new objects. [Related Readings: (i) Plant Species Identification Using Computer Vision Techniques: A Systematic Literature Review, (ii) Computer Vision for Plant Identification, (iii) Shape determination of horticultural produce using two-dimensional computer vision, (iv) International Plant Phenotyping Network]
  3. IoT in HealthCare (iBed): A prototype to be developed with sensors and smart processors to monitor and manage connected-patients on hospital bed. [Related Readings: (i) Smart Multi-Level Tool for Remote Patient Monitoring Based on a Wireless Sensor Network and Mobile Augmented Reality, (ii) Medical Internet of Things and Big Data in Healthcare, (iii) Mobile Phone–Based Remote Patient Monitoring System for Management of Hypertension in Diabetic Patients, (iv) Design of a smartphone application to monitor stress, asthma symptoms, and asthma inhaler use]
  4. IoT Security on Chip (sChip): VLSI design of some security techniques for IoT applications. [ Related Readings: (i) Hardware security in the IoT (ii) Hardware Is the Foundation of IoT Security, (iii) Hardware roots of trust for IoT security, (iv) Security in the Internet of Things]
  5. Smart LitterBox (sLit): When is it time to change cat litters? Use appropriate sensors and decision making process that will value add the litter-box use. [Related Readings: (i). Best 8 Automatic cat Litter Box Comparison Chart (ii). How Do Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes Work? (a), (b)
    (iii). Sensor related (a), (b)]
  6. Smart Greenhouse (sGreen): Design and prototype of a small but fully functional greenhouse. Use sensors (soil moisture, humid, light, temperature) and actuators (exhaust fan, calling fan, heater, water sprinkler, valves). [Related Readings: (i) The Smart Greenhouse, (ii) Smart Greenhouse: The future of agriculture (iii) Smart Greenhouse (iv) Wifi Plant Watering Sensor System]
  7. Intelligent parking (iPark): Use proximity sensors on parking space and collect the data from these sensors to manage parking related events. [Related Readings: (i) Intelligent Parking Lot Application Using Wireless Sensor Networks, (ii) A Survey of Intelligent Car Parking System, (iii) SmartParking: A Secure and Intelligent Parking System, (iv) Smart parking systems and sensors: A survey]
  8. IoT asset tracking and monitoring (iAsset): Explore alternate tracking mechanism that would extend RFID’s small range limitation. Combine RFID with WIFI/BT/RF etc for scalable accessibility. Develop monitoring system using this high range and scalable sensing. [Related Readings: (i) 6 Factors that Affect RFID Read Range, (ii) Your Guide To Starting Out In Iot For Asset Tracking, (iii) RFID Range Extension with Low-power Wireless Edge Devices (iv) RFID Range And the Things That Affect It (v) How to Build a Low-Cost, Extended-Range RFID Skimmer, (vi) Designing Systems that Combine HF RFID with Sensors

Team 1: TelMed: Darren, Daniel, Zach T, Zach A, Landon.

Meeting Time – M 10:30 AM

Team 2: eLeaf: Alejandro, Matt, Ovidio, Denish, Dimas, Dakota.

Meeting Time: R 5:45 PM

Team 3: iBed:  Levi, Blake, Jeremy, Rishabh, Tori, Siru.

Meeting Time – R 5:15 PM

Team 4: sChip: Austin, Matthew, Ryan, Jason, Timothy.

Meeting Time – W 10:30 AM

Team 5: sLit: Nathan, Hassan, Joshua, Luis, Tunc.

Meeting Time: R 6:45 PM.

Team 6: sGreen1: Jacqueline, Jared, Andrew, Brandon, Morgan.

Meeting Time – W 11:00 AM

Team 7: iPark: Ryan Yantz, Jonathan, Sagar, Elias, Augustin.

Meeting Time – W 11:30 AM

Team 8: iAsset: Akshay, Howard, Joshua Churning, Joshua Crawford, Clayton, Chris.

Meeting Time: R 6:15 PM.

Team 9: sGreen2: Aaron, Andrew Kirfman, Cuong, Ifrah, Margarot, Sean.

Meeting Time: R 7:15 PM.

Team 10: iBed-Home: Myles, Michael, Victor, Trevor, Eric.

Meeting Time – M 11:00 AM