CPSC 350: Computer Architecture & Design

This course gives an introduction to the basic hard- and software components of a computer. It features an introduction to the MIPS assembly language. It covers the design of the basic components of a computer, includingdatapath, memory, control unit and arithmetic-logic unit.

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Optional Slides:

Slides1 (Chapter 1)

Slides2Slides3Slides4 (Chapter 2)

Arithmetic for Computers: Slides (Chapter 3) References: Slides5Slides6

Performance Enhancement (Slides)

The Processor: Slides (Chapter 4: Datapath, pipeline etc)

Exploiting Large and Fast Memory Hierarchy Slides (Chapter 5)

Cloud Computing Introduction: Slides


Home works:

1. Participating activities of Chapter 1: Due Jan 25, 2-16 at 4 pm.



Lab and Project 

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D.Patterson, J. Hennessy: Computer Organization and Design: The Hardware-Software Interface (Fifth edition), Morgan Kaufman Publishers. However, we will use the interactive version of this text by Frank Vahid et. al. through (Follow three steps below).

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Helpful References:

Assembly Language