Former Students

PhD Students

Aalap Tripathy

Thesis: High Performance Information Filtering on Many-core Processors

Graduation: Fall 2013, Employment: Sr. Engineer, Hewlett Packard, Houston, TX

Ayan Mandal

Thesis: Efficient Design and Clocking for a Network-on-Chip (Co-advised Sunil Khatri, ECE)

Graduation: Spring 2013, Employment: Intel Corporation, Bangalore, India.

Suneil Mohan

Thesis: Hardware Architecture for Semantic Comparison

Graduation: Spring 2012, Employment: Intel Labs, Austin, USA

Suman K Mandal

Thesis: Dynamic Power management of High Performance Network on Chip

Graduation: Fall 2011, Employment: Principal Engineer, Intel Labs, Santa Clara, CA

Nikhil Gupta

Thesis: Energy Efficient Scheduling for Real-time Systems.

Graduation: Fall 2011, Employment: Intel Labs, Portland, OR

Amitava Biswas

Thesis: Semantic Routed Networks for Distributed Search Engine

Graduation: Spring 2010, Employment: Sr. Engineering Staff, CISCO, San Jose, CA

Amar Adnan Rasheed

Thesis: Security Schemes for Wireless Sensor Networks with Mobile Sink

Graduation: Spring 2010, Employment: Researcher, Penn, USA.

Jason Daniel Lee

Thesis: Concurrent Online Testing for Many Core Systems on Chips

Graduation: Fall 2010, Employment: Sr. Engineer, Resonate, Washington D.C.

Yoonjin Kim

Thesis: Design of Efficient Course grained Reconfigurable Architecture

Graduation: Spring 2009, Employment: Asst. Professor, Sookmyung Women’s Univ., South Korea.

John Yu

Thesis Topic: Efficient Hashing Schemes for Some Packet Processing Applications

Gradation: Graduated Spring 2009. Employment: CISCO CA.

Rohit Singhal

Thesis: Reliable and Low-power On-chip Interconnection (Co-chair: G Choi)

Graduation: Graduated May 2007, Employment: Integrated Design Technology (IDT), Atlanta

Praveen Bhojwani

Thesis: Communication Synthesis of Network on Chip

Graduation Date:  Graduated Dec 2007, Employment: Sr. Principal Engineer, Oracle, USA

Di Wu

Thesis: Layer Assignment in Deep Sub-micron Technology (Co-chair: J. Hu)

Graduation Date: Graduated 2006, Employment: Senior Engineer, Cadence, CA

Sudipta Mahapatra

Thesis: Parallel Formulation of Artificial Neural Network Algorithms for Multiprocessors”.

Graduation Date: Fall 1996, Employment: Associate Professor, IIT, Kharagpur.

C.R. Tripathy

Thesis: Dependability Analysis of Parallel Computer Interconnection Networks,

Graduation Date: Fall 1996. Current Employment: Vice-Chanecellor, Sambalpur University, India.

B.K. Das

Thesis: Modeling of Some Image Processing Transforms for Multiprocessor   Architectures

Graduation Date: Fall 1995. Employment: Joint Director, Defense Research Labs, India


MS Students

Ghanashyam Bhutra

Thesis Topic: Privacy-preserving ECG Authentication (PPEA2) Scheme for IoT Devices.

Graduation Date: Fall 2017, Employment: Facebook, CA

Sidhant Rath

Thesis Topic: Integration of LXD system containers with Open Stack, CHEF and its application on a 3-tier IoT architecture

Graduation Date: Summer 2017, Employment: Texas A&M University

Akash Sahoo

Thesis Topic: Efficeint & Secured Framework for Internet of Things based on Motifs.            Graduation             Date: Fall 2016, Employment: Samsung Research, CA

Prithvi Sakuru

Thesis Topic: QR Decomposition Framework for Efficient Implementation of Linear Support Vector Machines Using Dual Ascent.

Graduation: Summer 2016, Employment: Amazon IMDB.

Biplab Patra

Thesis Topic: Hybrid Router Design for High-Performance Photonic Network-on-Chip

Graduation Date: Summer 2015, Employment: Intel Corp.

Ka Chon Ieong

Thesis Topic: A Virtual Prototype of Scalable Network-on-Chip Design,

Graduation Date: Spring 2014, Employment: Intel Corp., Arizona

Jaganath Panigrahi

Thesis Topic: Generating Tensor Representation from Concept Tree in Meaning Based Search

Graduation Date: Spring 2011, Employment: Juniper Networks, CA

Javier Malave Jose

Thesis Topic: A Benchmarking Platform for NoC Multiprocessor System-on-Chip

Graduation: Fall 2010, Employment: Texas Instruments

Seraj Ahmad

Thesis Title: Towards Efficient on-chip Logic Minimization

Graduation Date: Spring 2006, Employment: Magma Semiconductors, San Jose, CA

Jason Surprise

Thesis: An Energy efficient TCAM Enhanced Cache Architecture

Graduation Date: Fall 2004, Employment: Raytheon, Fort Worth

Nitesh Goyal

Thesis: Macro-modeling and Energy Efficiency studies of File Management in Embedded Systems with Flash Memory.

Graduation Date: Fall 2004, Employment: Amazon

Anuj Kumar

Thesis: Increasing TLB Reach using TCAM Cells

Graduation date: Summer 2004, Employment: Amazon

Subrata Acharya

Thesis: A Dynamic Slack Management Technique for Real-time Distributed Embedded Systems.

Graduation Date: Summer 2004, Employment: Univ of Pittsburg (PhD)

 Anand Rajaram

Thesis: Analysis and Optimization of VLSI Clock Distribution Network for Skew Variability Reduction (Co-Chair: Jiang Hu)

Graduation Date: Summer 2004, Employment: Texas Instruments

Junyi Ling

Thesis: GPUs: A Case Study in Application Specific Processors

Graduation Date: Spring 2004, Employment: NVIDIA, CA

V. C. Ravikumar

Thesis: Energy and Storage Efficient IP-Lookup Architecture (Co-Chair: J. C. Liu)

Graduation Date: Spring 2004, Employment: Hewlett Packard(HP)

Rajesh Prathipati

Thesis: Energy Efficient Scheduling Techniques for Real-time Embedded Systems

Graduation Date: Spring 2004, Employment: Unknown

Praveen Bhojwani

Thesis: Mapping Multimode System Communication to a Network-on-Chip.

Graduation Date: Fall 2003, Employment: TAMU (PhD)

Siddharth Choudhury

Thesis: Macro-modeling and Characterization of Filesystem EnergyConsumption for Diskless Embedded Systems.

Graduation Date: Summer 2003 summer. Employment: UC Irvine (PhD)

Pramod Vijay Kapagantula

Thesis: PAP- Power-aware Partitioning Framework for HW-SW Co-design

Graduation Date: Spring 2003, Employment: Bangalore, India

John Wisinger

Thesis: FPGA based Image Processing Accelerator

Graduation Date: Fall 2002, Employment: Consulting

Narayan Swaminathan

Thesis: Communication Synthesis of on-chip Network

Graduation Date: Summer 2002, Employment: Texas Instruments

Brian Murray

Thesis: Development of an Embedded 3-D Graphic Processor

Graduation Date: Spring 2002, Employment: NVDIA

Sunil Bhosekar

Thesis: Architecture-Level Power Estimation & Optimization using Complete Simulator

Graduation Date: Fall 2001, Employment: National Semiconductors

Rahul Katoria

Thesis: A Power-Aware Partitioning of HW-SW Codesign , (Co-Chair with TC Wang)

Graduation Date: Fall 2001, Employment: Intel Corp.

Srikant Kasturi

Thesis: An Optimized Datalink Layer, (Co-Chair with N. Reddy)

Graduation Date: Fall 2001. Employment: Texas Instruments